Quake 3

Quake3World Tower “The Movie”
The Tower Divx 35.1MB
Download From Planetquake3

The Quake3World forums community organized an attempt to break the 64 player tower record. On Sunday January 18, 2004 3:00pm EST we managed to get 57 people on the tower, as most of you know no records were broken today, but we did manage to get 64 people together at the same time and stuff them all on my server. The tower grew to 57 players before it crumbled. The scenery and 50 man FFA as the tower falls apart is worth watching.

Bandwidth used

  • 1.10GB downloaded
  • 1.28GB Uploaded

Special Thanks

  • Kn0wFuRy – the tower pimp
  • axbaby and Foo for their map
  • Fender for the mod
  • mjrpes for the signup page
  • G}{H for the server
  • dayve for the q3fusion
  • The Quake III community

Quake3world Tower Map

axbaby and Foo have completed the masterpiece for the Quake3World tower attempt and it is available for your downloading pleasure.