Riding Through This Life…

We got this motorcycle a while back, it just needed a battery and of course being the bad daddy that I am I neglected to fix it. Olivia found it in the garage 2 weeks ago and I had to tell her it was broken. For a week straight she woke up almost daily asking “you fix my motorcycle daddy?” The guilt set in and thanks to Radio Shack it’s fixed and ready to roll.

As you can see Olivia is all about preparation and pre-flight checks, so this video is seriously edited down. Stick around for the outtakes at the end.

Thank you Saimir!

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  1. Uncle Sal and Aunt Adriana Says:

    We enjoyed the out takes more than the movie. Here I am training Mark to ride a tricycle and he saw Olivia riding a battery operate motorcycle. We had a hard time explaining it.

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