Wanted: Cheap Personal Media Player

Not wanting to shell out too much cash for a personal media player I had an idea that using an old laptop may work. So I went into my junk pile and pulled out an old Sony Vaio. It was so slow I could barely even browse the web after updating to XP SP3. It seemed perfect for this project since it was small and light weight with a decent size hard drive (60GB). My first choice for a media player was XBMC an open source free media player. I have it installed on an old Xbox for all my daily TV/movie watching, but that is another story for another day…

 I grabbed the XBMC Live install and tested her out. Since XBMC Live can be run from a CD or Flash drive without altering your current computer in any way, it was a quick and easy test. It played my test media files without a problem so I formatted the drive and installed it. The install for XBMC is quite easy and fast, within an hour I had a running personal media player. With XBMC and a network connection I can connect with a standard FTP client like Filezilla and upload movies to the internal drive.

For the cost of a new battery and a car adapter (about $60.00) I have a sweet personal media player for long car trips.


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