Adnroid FTP server app

Sometimes connecting to my DROID via USB to upload music is a pain in the butt. This free app is a simple FTP server that gives you direct access to your DROID file system.

1. Go To the market on your Droid, hit the Search, and search for “FTPServer”

2. Install FTPServer
By Andreas Kiebig

3. Goto Settings and Edit the following:
User: Enter a username
Pass: Enter a password
Port: 2002 (or any above 2000)
Default dir: \sdcard
Accept Wifi Connections and check off all that apply

4. When you launch the app your current IP appears in the top line of the application. Use Filezilla client to connect.

Keep in mind you want to stick to WiFi and not your mobile network otherwise serious mobile charges may incur.

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