Let the Summer Fun Begin

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So nice to be outside and enjoy the yard with some friends.  Plus I hear stray Legos are good for the lawn mower.

Denmark 2012 – Preview

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Rated G – This preview is intended for all audiences

First ER Visit

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Olivia had an accident and it resulted in a trip to the ER for 3 staples to the back of her head.  She was a trooper not may tears were shed (until the staples went in) UPDATE: 3 weeks later all healed up!

Olivia’s New Bike

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We picked up a Bike on Wednesday for Olivia’s Trike-a-Thon at school.   After 2 days she’s riding like a pro on her Pinkalicious Bike :)   Video edited on my Xoom

Olivia’s Sample Taekwondo Lesson

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View in HD
I always planned on having Olivia take Taekwondo to build her confidence and intill discipline.  Today we found out her class had a sample lesson so we came back to check it out.  She did quite well in her pink tutu.

Riding Through This Life…

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We got this motorcycle a while back, it just needed a battery and of course being the bad daddy that I am I neglected to fix it. Olivia found it in the garage 2 weeks ago and I had to tell her it was broken. For a week straight she woke up almost daily asking “you fix my motorcycle daddy?” The guilt set in and thanks to Radio Shack it’s fixed and ready to roll.

As you can see Olivia is all about preparation and pre-flight checks, so this video is seriously edited down. Stick around for the outtakes at the end.

Thank you Saimir!

Helping out

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Olivia was helping me run USB cables up to the TV so we can connect her new Webcam. Now we can Skype with the family :) I love the grunting, the wires were really stuck, but she gave it her best effort.

Strawberry Pickin’

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We went strawberry picking with some friends and although it was a rainy day we had a great time.  Olivia was eating mass quantities of strawberries, rode a pony and went on a hay ride.   A good time was had by all :)

Hershey kisses and raw fishes

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Olivia has had this obsession with candy, I’m not sure if it’s the bright wrappers or just plain curiosity. In most cases we give her a piece and the end result is she spits it out and declares “eeeya no likey it”. Not this time she worked on this Hershey kiss for a while and appeared to enjoy it. Hopefully she will continue to enjoy her veggies and not demand a bowl full of goodies for dinner.

She also tried Sushi tonight and enjoyed a Tuna roll, a plain piece of Tuna sushi and some salmon as well.

2010-04-18 17 48 50 (2)

Olivia’s Pre Bath Show

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