Does the carpet match the drapes?

Posted in Our House on March 11th, 2009 by Giraffe Hunter

Of course not, we don’t have drapes….

Finally after 2 years almost to the day we have covered the hideous pile of wood in the middle of the house.  We hired a professional for this job, yes I wussed out on the install… However I did tighten up the stairs to stop the clonking and creaking.

Lots of work this weekend

Posted in Our House on September 7th, 2008 by Giraffe Hunter

Front Door

The front doors arrived and are mostly installed.  The glass on the sidelights is not as big as I expected (see previous post), but they still look Great.  Work was halted due to the tropical storm that was unleashed right after the front of the house was torn off.  Hopefully we will get the trim finished this week.

The inside door was also replaced, this needs some touch up from ripping off the woodwork, but it looks and works so much better than the old one.

Back Door

I also plowed through on finishing up the back door.  Jeff helped out with the electrical and I went to town demolishing everything.  I am done building the Shoe holder that makes use of the crawl space under the kitchen.  Right now it works well for holding tools and keeping them out of my way, hopefully it does the same for all our shoes.

Here is a shot of the new Back door installed with the light we purchased when we bought the house also installed this week.

Visit the photo gallery for tons of work in progress photos.  House Work in Progress > Mud Room

Dig a hole and plant a mailbox

Posted in Our House on August 18th, 2008 by Giraffe Hunter

Since our front door delivery is getting closer I decided it was time to plant a mailbox.  Our new door does not have one of those fancy grind your mail into the welcome mat slots so this is the next best thing.

40 pounds of Gravel, 80 pounds of concrete and some dirt and you too can grow your own US Postmaster approved mailbox.

Xbox Fit?

Posted in Our House on July 28th, 2008 by Giraffe Hunter

Although the Wii fit is pretty cool I still need my fix of blowing people up on Call of Duty 4.  Cardio exercise has always been boring for me so I figured why not spice it up with the Xbox.

I had to earn the new TV first, 1 week in the basement working out, done!  We put the new one up in the living room and I setup the recumbant bike infront of our old TV.  3 Rounds and 40 minutes goes by before I know it.  Soaked with sweat and satisfied of my kill count I can hit the showers.

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D’oh I forgot to take the “before” pic

Posted in Our House on June 16th, 2008 by Giraffe Hunter

I went out back and tore out the built in that was in our rear entry way. I then realized I forgot to take the before photo. We will be getting a new rear door in a few weeks and I wanted to get the project started. Once the rickety back door is replaced with a nice secure steel door we will take out the inside door. Makeing this area more functional by dropping in a shoe cubby in the wall, Then on the other wall add a bench with shelving and coat hooks.

Shortly after the Demo

More photos in  the Photo Gallery Under “New house Work in progress > Mud Room”

A door, a door and a door

Posted in Our House on June 9th, 2008 by Giraffe Hunter

After tooling around with Google sketchup we decided on how to redesign the front. Until now it’s been referred to as many things, my personal favorite was “a witch’s shack”. We signed for the doors and sidelights today. A solid front door with 2 glass sidelights and an all glass interior door. The back door is getting replaced as well. We should have everything installed by next month. Now I just need to get up the motivation to knock down the side walls and prep for the smaller windows. Check out it’s current condition in the Photo Gallery in the section Work on the New House > Mud_room (at bottom of list)


New windows complete

Posted in Our House on May 14th, 2008 by Giraffe Hunter

Finally we have a full set of new windows. The change is amazing from the crappy old hazy dirty windows we had. Here is a preview of the dining room and Ayoe’s sun room, the rest can be found in the Photo Gallery

New Stove Has Arrived

Posted in Our House on March 3rd, 2008 by Giraffe Hunter

After living with the 1940’s Dutch oven for so long we felt it was an issue of safety to upgrade the stove. Considering any baked meal would heat up the wall in the dining room :( we felt it would be a good idea to fix the issue before the baby arrives. More work in progress photos in the photo gallery

Out with the OLD

In with the NEW