HTC Rezound

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Somehow Verizon delivered this baby to me a week before launch.  Best DROID I’ve owned to date.  It’s bigger than the thunderbolt, yet fit’s in my pocket.  The Beats Audio and included headphones are outstanding. 

Olivia’s New Bike

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We picked up a Bike on Wednesday for Olivia’s Trike-a-Thon at school.   After 2 days she’s riding like a pro on her Pinkalicious Bike :)   Video edited on my Xoom

Wanted: Cheap Personal Media Player

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Not wanting to shell out too much cash for a personal media player I had an idea that using an old laptop may work. So I went into my junk pile and pulled out an old Sony Vaio. It was so slow I could barely even browse the web after updating to XP SP3. It seemed perfect for this project since it was small and light weight with a decent size hard drive (60GB). My first choice for a media player was XBMC an open source free media player. I have it installed on an old Xbox for all my daily TV/movie watching, but that is another story for another day…

 I grabbed the XBMC Live install and tested her out. Since XBMC Live can be run from a CD or Flash drive without altering your current computer in any way, it was a quick and easy test. It played my test media files without a problem so I formatted the drive and installed it. The install for XBMC is quite easy and fast, within an hour I had a running personal media player. With XBMC and a network connection I can connect with a standard FTP client like Filezilla and upload movies to the internal drive.

For the cost of a new battery and a car adapter (about $60.00) I have a sweet personal media player for long car trips.


Adnroid FTP server app

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Sometimes connecting to my DROID via USB to upload music is a pain in the butt. This free app is a simple FTP server that gives you direct access to your DROID file system.

1. Go To the market on your Droid, hit the Search, and search for “FTPServer”

2. Install FTPServer
By Andreas Kiebig

3. Goto Settings and Edit the following:
User: Enter a username
Pass: Enter a password
Port: 2002 (or any above 2000)
Default dir: \sdcard
Accept Wifi Connections and check off all that apply

4. When you launch the app your current IP appears in the top line of the application. Use Filezilla client to connect.

Keep in mind you want to stick to WiFi and not your mobile network otherwise serious mobile charges may incur.

Special thanks to RinTinTigger for his post on

Motorola Droid

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I’m loving the Droid, this is the first time I have left the Blackberry home and trusted a push device since the iPhone debacle.  One of my favorite features is the built in GPS.  I put the address in my meeting notifications, when my reminders pop up I simply press the address, it opens Google maps, I press navigate and I’m getting turn by turn directions with spoken street names and real-time traffic info within seconds.


Here is a photo of the Droid and I out for a stroll


The amazon. com application is pretty nuts too.  I can check pricing on items just by taking a photo of the box or scanning the bar code.  The app reports back the pricing on amazon and saves the item on my page.  I could also buy it from the phone if I want.  I’m going to give her a few more days them probably give up the blackberry, yes I said “Give up the Blackberry”

Wanna Fight… Fight Me…

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Take your chances against My Brute

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Trackmania Nations Forever

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What’s goes 300+ miles per hour cost $0.00 in Gas money and fun to play?

Trackmania Nations Forever Download